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MGE EX 7, EX-7, EX7 120 Volts 700VA  UPS 


MGE's Pulsar EX models work around the clock to improve hardware reliability and to maximize the availability of critical systems.

Their true On Line Double Conversion technology assures highest quality output: input AC is permanently regenerated without draining the batteries for high isolation from AC utility noise. All transfers to or from battery back up mode are completely undetectable and uninterrupted. An automatic failsafe and overload bypass is provided during extreme conditions if the UPS is no longer able to perform its task to ensure fault tolerance operation.

Form factor versatility, optional direct network connection, extended back-up time and environment monitoring modules provide flexibility now and into the future for maximum uptime of your most critical equipment.


Pulsar EX Advanced Features

True On Line technology provides constant voltage regulation

Lightest and smallest rack-mounted UPS available

Direct Ethernet connection

Network-based power management software

Input power factor correction

Extended battery runtimes

Mac Compatible



Product Specifications

Pulsar EX 7/10/15/20/30

  EX 7 EX 10 EX 15 EX 20 EX 30
Output power VA 700 VA 1000 VA 1500 VA  2000 VA  3000 VA
  Watts 490 W 700 W 1050 W 1400 W 2100 W

Input voltage 70/138 V
Input power factor >0.95

Output voltage 100/120/127 Volts +/-3% (user selectable)
Output  waveform Sine wave

Frequency range 47/53 or 57/63 Hz auto select

Technology True On Line Double Conversion
Crest factor 3:1

Fault tolerance Yes (automatic by pass in case of UPS fault)
Recharge time
(0 to 80%)
3 hours
Battery lifetime (typical) 5 years
Smart battery management Periodic automatic self-test, protection against deep discharges, high performance charger for extended battery life
Cold start Yes
User connections
Input cord 5-15P
(6 feet)
(6 feet)
(6 feet)
# of receptacles (NEMA) 3x 5-15R 3x 5-15R 3x 5-15R 3x 5-15R,
1x L5-20
3x 5-15R,
1x L5-30
DB9 port Smart RS232 - Plug & Play for Win 95/98/2000
# of parameters Over 50

Slot for optional comms cards

Software included (Solution-Pac) Windows 3.1/95/98/NT/2000, Netware, Mac/OS, OS/2, Linux, SCO, HP/UX, AIX, Solaris, Dec Unix, SNMP agents and shutdown clients

# of LEDs 6 6 6 6 6
Dimensions and Weight
Tower models Dimensions
5.7x8.7x15.8 5.7x8.7x15.8 5.7x8.7x17 7.6x13x17 7.6x13x17
  Weight (lbs) 27 31 43 77 77

Rack models Dimensions
  19x3.5x16.3 19x3.5x16.3 19x5.3x21.8 19x5.3x21.8
  U height   2U 2U 3U 3U
  Weight (lbs)   38 51 88 92
Part Numbers
Tower models   89007 89010 89015 89021 89030
Rack models     89010R 89015R 89020R 89030R
Recyclable parts Components, packing and documentation, recycled materials, free used battery recovery
Noise level < 41 dBA
Operating temperature 32 to 95 F
Design / Standards / Warranty
Standards - Safety UL, cUL, FCC A
  - Surge ANSI / IEEE C62.41 Cat.A
  - Design ISO 9001
  -Production ISO 9001
  - Logistics ISO 9001
  - Services ISO 9001

Warranty 2 years (battery included)
Equipment protection warranty $35,000 (10 years)






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