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Power Factor Inc. Can supply most major brands of UPS Uninterruptible Power Systems, Batteries, and Emergency Lighting.

GE Industrial, LPC, Liebert, MGE, MinuteMan, Oneac, Powerware

Up-Time is Critical!

In business, we all know how important “Up-Time” is.  Everyday we experience something that will affect it, from human error to faulty cables. It’s easy to forget that the most important factor is power. Without it, we cannot do business. When the power is poor or dirty and you are not properly protected, it can be devastating. It can cause overheating and premature failure of motors and drives, computer/microprocessor crashes, lockups, data loss and many unexplainable events. 

The Total Solution!

As experts in the field of power protection, we understand what it takes to keep power from being a factor, increasing “Up-Time”. We take pride in understanding your needs and provide a total solution at the best value, from a single PC to large data centers.


Supplying batteries for most applications.

 We stock most batteries used in Emergency Lighting, UPS systems, Alarm Systems and you can purchase online at Click here.

Alkaline 9V, AA, AAA, C & D cells

 Emergency Lighting

Big Beam Dual-lite

Uninterruptible Power Systems

GE Industrial, LPC, Liebert, MGE, MinuteMan, Oneac, Powerware

200va – 400Kva

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Uninterruptible Power Systems for all applications Single Phase and Three Phase. If it's out there's a good chance we can get it. Contact us with your special needs.

One objective of this website is to help you understand everything from what can happen to your equipment by subjecting it to poor power conditions to what the 9 major power problems are, why they exist, how to protect against them and a wide range of manufactures letting you compare without having to surf the net any further.

With the growth of the PC Industry, more and more applications have been developed. These applications were rarely deemed mission critical. Users needed simple power protection so that if the power fails, all work housed on the PC would not be lost. Because of this need, two different types of UPS were developed: an inexpensive, offline ( also known as stand-by ) ; and a line interactive UPS that costs a little more, but offered a little more protection. Still in use both provide partial power protection for non critical situations.

The IEEE has identified nine common power problems, all of which can strike anywhere, anytime. Traditional UPS systems designed to protect PC environments only treat 3 problems on standby systems and 5 problems on line interactive systems, leaving you susceptible to 4 or more power problems.

Insufficient power protection leads to data loss, corruption, hardware damage, equipment shutoff, premature hardware failure, data error, keyboard lockup, storage loss and system lockup, CPU lockup errors, overheating, premature failure or stress of electrical components, data crass and program failures.

Bottom Line

Can you afford NOT to protect against poor quality power?

To know for sure if your power is experiencing all or some of the nine power problems is a very expensive and  time consuming process and most locations will see all of them at one time or another. When it comes down to it, do you really care which problem exists? A solution is what you need! Poor quality power is the cause of many computer related  problems but certainly not all. Many problems are simply written off as unexplainable when in fact they are power related. Unless you eliminate poor quality power you may find that fixable problems go unresolved. A high frequency double conversion UPS will protect you from all 9 power problems. Here at Power Factor Inc. we can offer the most complete lines of level 9 protection in single phase UPS systems.

Emergency Lighting Equipment - Wall Units, Exit Signs, Central Inverter Systems, Service

   Another objective is to help you understand everything from the importance of your buildings Emergency Lighting Equipment, National Electrical Codes, Life Safety ( Fire ) Codes, to tips and troubleshooting of equipment. We offer many manufactures including Big Beam and Dual-Iite and provide support and service.

Batteries - We stock most batteries used in Emergency Lighting, UPS systems and many other applications. PowerSonic, CSB, Gates/Hawker, Power Battery, Johnson Control / Dynasty and many others. Contact us with your special needs.

 Did you know that battery failure is the #1 cause of failure in UPS Systems and Emergency Lighting Systems?

Chargers and Rectifiers - Telecom, Engine starting, High Voltage applications. Battery Chargers - Lead Acid , Nicad's. If it's out there's a good chance we can get it. Contact us with your special needs.

Our goal is to have complete customer satisfaction. If there is any problem with any product or service we offer, we will make it right in a timely manner.

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